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Gun battles and irresponsible use of guns is a subject of public interest that the radio presenters never fail to report. The news acts as an informative content on the effect of poor usage of guns even if it is a basic commodity. Remember, the student in Mexico who shot a teacher and fellow students killing over 10 students on the spot. This debate went on air for close to a week on radio stations across the world on the reasons that led to such a behavior. Professionals in different sectors came up with different explanations, which brought numerous controversies surrounding the event.



According to psychologists, they blamed the parents of the modern society who prioritizes their careers and have little time to teach their children on self-discipline. One of them was quoted on BBC radio pointing out the effect of technology which has eroded the traditional social interactions in the family at the same time he recommends counseling sessions for parents with teenage children to learn better ways of parenting in the current generation.

A radio presenter took time the following day and called a gun expert to provide educative information on the correct usage of out of sight guns and learning how to Conceal your gun for licensed parents. He admits a weakness in the girl’s parents who took away his life, the teacher, and fellow students. He looked at the scenario from a critical point and condemned the act while associating it to societal challenges, which the parents failed to address on the teenage girl making her kill herself.

Unfortunately, the girl took away her life leaving people with guesses on the possible cause of such acts. Medical experts thought that the girl had a mental disorder that takes pride in causing pain to others when she realized the effect; she also thought she could not handle the humiliation and possible jail term that is when she took away her life.

The radio is an audio media entitled to offer educative content to its audience. Various news on the correct and poor use of guns make listeners who are gun holders to learn from experience the positive and negative effect of gun ownership.

A radio presenter uses the platform to get feedback from listeners on other experiences they may have and when a gun expert is in the studio, he can opt for an interactive session where listeners can ask questions in line with the use of guns and get answers from experts without basing their thoughts on myths and traditions.

The only mandated personnel to hold a gun freely is the military employees because they are responsible for internal security and border protection. A radio host can invite the public relations manager in the police force to educate listeners from a firsthand experience on using guns  from BARSKA for self-defense.

Media is a huge business enterprise, what gives them a niche with their audience than their competition? The quality of content and professionalism among the radio presenters in the dissemination of information; it will enhance their market share in the media industry. News about guns will attract a diverse audience and lead to audience loyalty to the radio station.

Radio Advertising Tips: Small Business Marketing

The Top 5 Radio Advertising Ideas For Local Businesses

radioIt has been over 100 years since the 1st radio commercial was aired. The use radio advertisement has been one of the common ways in which businesses has been attracting customers for their products and services. How do you do it? Here are the Top 5 Radio Advertising Ideas For Local Businesses:

1. Know your target audience when doing an advert

Decide on exactly on how you will target your consumers after hearing your commercial advertisement. Marketers often refer to this as “call-to-action”. When doing a commercial, it should be only limited to call-to-action by being very specific to your target. Your customers will be able to understand your message in the easiest way possible from your radio commercial.

2. Begin your radio commercial with a strong declarative benefit statement

What the customers need to learn on how your product or service is going to help them upon purchasing it. You should be clear within your first 150 words as possible during the advert. Many ineffective commercials often begin with a question that may be challenging to listeners to understand. Through this, you will get more people who will be interested in buying your product or services after listening to radio advertisement.

3. Use Unexpected Language

The mastery of language is key for radio advertisement. Why say this? The language you use in advertising your commercials on radio should be reflection of your real business. When you do your commercial on radio right, you will always be able to increase your sales as more people will be interested in buying it. This will enhance your growth in terms of sales and market share.

4. State the Unobvious

Too many radio commercials today waste their precious words by stating the obvious. The advert on radio should be precise to the point especially on how the product or service will help the intended customers in a special way. It should attract the attention of customers who may be interested in buying products or services provided by the business.

5. Get Awesome Voiceover and Test it

Radio is always an art of one speaking effectively. With no visual medium, everything often relies on the tone, pace, voice, variety, and even emotion. In the process, the speaker should sound excited, nervous, scared, calm, etc. if that is the feel of the radio commercial; failing to obtain that perfect sound for the ad can lead to wasted sales and even wasted money. What should you do? Hire a professional voiceover who will help you fits your commercial message and demographic of listeners.

In addition, before you paying a radio commercial to help you do an advert, you must see through the script to check whether it fits your business ideas. For instance, if you replace your business’s name with that of your biggest competitor, you should gauge whether it makes sense. If your radio commercial works perfectly well as for your competitor in the same market, then you should throw it out to start over. A good great radio commercial advert should only work best for one business…. that is yours.

In conclusion, these are the top five radio advertising ideas for local businesses to remember.

Choosing Music To Set Up A Perfect Atmosphere In A Coffee Shop

There is nothing good like enjoying a sweet coffee in a comfortable atmosphere filled with good music. Such an environment attracts customers and may make you win when it comes to competition. But first, you will need a proper music license to be able to play legally. Good music makes your coffee shop independent and stand out from the rest. Beside having the best coffee music has a huge impact on the atmosphere created. It determines whether customers stay around for an extra cup of coffee. If you are looking for the best professional espresso makers and coffee machines then http://www.coffeeonfleek.com is the perfect resource as they have comprehensive list of different brand, you can check out the brands anima prestige vs deluxe compared.

Choice of music

The kind of music in your coffee shop influences what people think about you and this affects how much it’s going to affect the number going in and out of your business. This will reflect on the kind of profits you are going to make. Playing music from upcoming artistes make it innovative and trendy making people feel welcomed. Consider music like chill out during the day because, this gives customers a chance to relax while enjoying the brand of coffee. Remember to keep it legal commercially.

Setting the mood

Depending on what you are playing, it influences what you want your customers to do. Songs like slow-tempo acoustic song make people feel relaxed and others make them chatty and enthusiastic. Think of target customers and the kind of musics they are likely to enjoy. If your clients are young and professionals, selecting modern music will make them feel modern while older ones something classic will make them comfortable. Think of what you want your customers to do,i.e if you want them to sit around or make them busy.Ensure music is not irritating to the ears.Keep the volume within limits that can be tolerated.

The image

The kind of music you play depends on the image your customers will have of you.If it doesn’t create the right impression, don’t play it. Because this will influence what people think of you and this reflects on your brand. For example, Jazz music mostly makes people feel classic ,fun as well as welcoming.

The quality of music playing

The kind of music playing in the background while a customer is enjoying their favorite brand can make a coffee shop really successful.It can be slow as long as it makes customers relaxed and keeps them enjoying. Remember, something like good and quality music can make a person keep going to the same place, because of how it made them feel. The music should enhance vibe, this way customers stay longer and probably order more.You can predict what this means to business; good profits.

Type of music and atmosphere created

  • Acoustic genre; creates a relaxing when played as background noise,choose popular versions makes customers remain calm.
  • Jazz; this music is a mixture of instrumental diversities, melodic tone of the singer.This creates a soothing vibe that does well to relaxing.
  • Bossa Nova; its a fusion of samba and jazz, its quite new but proves to be gaining popularity among coffee costumers.Above all,remember to adjust the volume,it should not be too low or too high.

In conclusion, the kind of music you play in your coffee shop should create a welcoming atmosphere inside for your customers. The melodies improve the experience of coffee lovers. Good profits work almost directly to the kind of music playing in the background. Customers would stay longer and order more.

Get TV and Radio Publicity for Free

Businesses, no matter big or small, take a lot of time and resources to be able to get as much publicity as they can. Publicity is very important to any business since it is a way to broadcast to a whole bung of people that the company and service or products are existing, and when people see that it’s existing, it triggers them to try what is offered.

As technology keeps on improving and innovating what is already existing, business of today lean onto social media publicity for the reason that every one is online all the time. And somehow, everyone is always on his or her gadget to be able to mark his or her presence in the social media world. Knowing that everyone is online, most business units focus more on being virtually present. Marking your business’ presence online isn’t always free because there are certain services that require finances to be able to maximize and boost the audience reach.


Some businesses may benefit more on social media marketing than traditional advertising, and with this in mind everything about your business should be carefully assessed and studied upon before deciding the platform of your publicity. If you have enough resources to do every possible way of publicity, then that would be good but it is still wise to pick which platform to focus on.

Although everything is conveniently and effectively done via the Internet, traditional media and advertising seems to still have a huge impact to the people. If you lean on doing TV and Radio Media, there are things to consider so you are assured that it will benefit you in the long run.

In TV Publicity, you have to remember that it needs to be visually understandable. Everything should be more visual than all else since people use their vision mainly to see what is being presented. As for the Radio Publicity, it is more on the audio aspect so everything should be clearly stated and have enticing voice and tones for the announcements. People would not mind paying attention to what is not being clear and easy to understand.

This publicity cost an amount that can be affordable but will depend on how popular the platform chosen is. But there are also ways on how to get free publicity, and here are some tips.

1. Be Unique

Products or Services that are unusual or new to the mass market will get an overwhelming amount of attention that the publicity units will be the one to voluntarily reach out to you so they can feature what you offer. Of course it is still better if they get some thing in return to make them feel that you are grateful, like free merchandise or service coupons or even just discounts. But in this way, you will never have to pay them for the publicity.

2. Attend Social Events and Get Connected

Attending social events with social media people present will have to be one of the most efficient ways to get free publicity. In the events, you can meet people that may help you get publicity. You have to put your company out there by talking about it and get people to be interested until somehow propose a deal of free publicity in exchange of your service or products. It is always effective when engagement is done face-to-face.

3. Reach out in any way you can.

Research on possible partners and publicity units that you think will get interested on what you offer. You can reach out to them by sending physical mail, email or even calling their number. Through there, you should be able to tell them how your company can use some help in publicity. It is best to just try and talk to a lot of them because there is no harm in simply trying to reach out.

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