Gun battles and irresponsible use of guns is a subject of public interest that the radio presenters never fail to report. The news acts as an informative content on the effect of poor usage of guns even if it is a basic commodity. Remember, the student in Mexico who shot a teacher and fellow students killing over 10 students on the spot. This debate went on air for close to a week on radio stations across the world on the reasons that led to such a behavior. Professionals in different sectors came up with different explanations, which brought numerous controversies surrounding the event.



According to psychologists, they blamed the parents of the modern society who prioritizes their careers and have little time to teach their children on self-discipline. One of them was quoted on BBC radio pointing out the effect of technology which has eroded the traditional social interactions in the family at the same time he recommends counseling sessions for parents with teenage children to learn better ways of parenting in the current generation.

A radio presenter took time the following day and called a gun expert to provide educative information on the correct usage of out of sight guns and learning how to Conceal your gun for licensed parents. He admits a weakness in the girl’s parents who took away his life, the teacher, and fellow students. He looked at the scenario from a critical point and condemned the act while associating it to societal challenges, which the parents failed to address on the teenage girl making her kill herself.

Unfortunately, the girl took away her life leaving people with guesses on the possible cause of such acts. Medical experts thought that the girl had a mental disorder that takes pride in causing pain to others when she realized the effect; she also thought she could not handle the humiliation and possible jail term that is when she took away her life.

The radio is an audio media entitled to offer educative content to its audience. Various news on the correct and poor use of guns make listeners who are gun holders to learn from experience the positive and negative effect of gun ownership.

A radio presenter uses the platform to get feedback from listeners on other experiences they may have and when a gun expert is in the studio, he can opt for an interactive session where listeners can ask questions in line with the use of guns and get answers from experts without basing their thoughts on myths and traditions.

The only mandated personnel to hold a gun freely is the military employees because they are responsible for internal security and border protection. A radio host can invite the public relations manager in the police force to educate listeners from a firsthand experience on using guns  from BARSKA for self-defense.

Media is a huge business enterprise, what gives them a niche with their audience than their competition? The quality of content and professionalism among the radio presenters in the dissemination of information; it will enhance their market share in the media industry. News about guns will attract a diverse audience and lead to audience loyalty to the radio station.