Businesses, no matter big or small, take a lot of time and resources to be able to get as much publicity as they can. Publicity is very important to any business since it is a way to broadcast to a whole bung of people that the company and service or products are existing, and when people see that it’s existing, it triggers them to try what is offered.

As technology keeps on improving and innovating what is already existing, business of today lean onto social media publicity for the reason that every one is online all the time. And somehow, everyone is always on his or her gadget to be able to mark his or her presence in the social media world. Knowing that everyone is online, most business units focus more on being virtually present. Marking your business’ presence online isn’t always free because there are certain services that require finances to be able to maximize and boost the audience reach.


Some businesses may benefit more on social media marketing than traditional advertising, and with this in mind everything about your business should be carefully assessed and studied upon before deciding the platform of your publicity. If you have enough resources to do every possible way of publicity, then that would be good but it is still wise to pick which platform to focus on.

Although everything is conveniently and effectively done via the Internet, traditional media and advertising seems to still have a huge impact to the people. If you lean on doing TV and Radio Media, there are things to consider so you are assured that it will benefit you in the long run.

In TV Publicity, you have to remember that it needs to be visually understandable. Everything should be more visual than all else since people use their vision mainly to see what is being presented. As for the Radio Publicity, it is more on the audio aspect so everything should be clearly stated and have enticing voice and tones for the announcements. People would not mind paying attention to what is not being clear and easy to understand.

This publicity cost an amount that can be affordable but will depend on how popular the platform chosen is. But there are also ways on how to get free publicity, and here are some tips.

1. Be Unique

Products or Services that are unusual or new to the mass market will get an overwhelming amount of attention that the publicity units will be the one to voluntarily reach out to you so they can feature what you offer. Of course it is still better if they get some thing in return to make them feel that you are grateful, like free merchandise or service coupons or even just discounts. But in this way, you will never have to pay them for the publicity.

2. Attend Social Events and Get Connected

Attending social events with social media people present will have to be one of the most efficient ways to get free publicity. In the events, you can meet people that may help you get publicity. You have to put your company out there by talking about it and get people to be interested until somehow propose a deal of free publicity in exchange of your service or products. It is always effective when engagement is done face-to-face.

3. Reach out in any way you can.

Research on possible partners and publicity units that you think will get interested on what you offer. You can reach out to them by sending physical mail, email or even calling their number. Through there, you should be able to tell them how your company can use some help in publicity. It is best to just try and talk to a lot of them because there is no harm in simply trying to reach out.